Okay, total mom rant here.

I just got a note in my first grader’s backpack that states we cannot bring peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to school. What?!?!!?!?

Apparently this ban on the most tried-and-true staple of childhood lunchtime is the result of one child’s allergy to nuts. So, logically, every child in the school is banned from eating nuts rather than teaching this ONE child what foods to avoid. Truly, I’m all for sensitivity, but at what point are you going to stop trying to control your child’s environment? Middle School? High School? Will you hand out notes in his college dorm? You can’t possibly hope to control every aspect of your child’s life based on their allergy (or even worse, a disability). You have to teach the child how to cope and move through life in spite of the challenges they face. Teach them to OVERCOME and not SUCCUMB. Instead of empowering your kid, you’ve made him the reason why every other child at school can’t bring their favorite lunchtime meal. And you think that’s going to turn out well? I hope your trip down de Nile is smooth sailing.